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Sall is the brand manufactured by Justrite Italia – EU Italian branch of the multinational Justrite Safety Group, world leader in the industrial safety field. The headquarters and production facility are both located in Corte Tegge (Reggio Emilia), in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, among the leading italian engineering and packaging districts.

Thanks to its high production specialization, expertise and inimitable know-how Sall has always been at the forefront of the prevention and management of environmental emergencies and of hazards or problems related to handling, storage and management of hazardous and polluting substances.
For almost 50 years Sall has stood out on the market for the quality and effectiveness of all its products.

The constant dialogue of Sall experts with customers, together with the increasingly appreciated free risks analysis, are the foundations of the development of every Sall product.
The attention to the real needs of each customer allows the Sall’s Engineering department to create, in synergy with the best experts in the field of safety and regulations, the most effective and innovative solutions.
The massive investments in new technologies and the continuous collaboration of Sall with the experts of Justrite Safety Group also contribute to making each Sall product unique.
This synergy and sharing of an interdisciplinary know-how are in fact a continuous source of innovation and of the most performing and pioneering solutions on the market.
All these aspects together with the deep knowledge of Sall experts of the ever-evolving international regulatory framework, make Sall your most reliable partner for occupational risk prevention, environmental and workplace safety.

Contact Sall experts, Justrite Italia offers free technical consulting with Sall engineers and technicians as well as free risks anylisis to guide you to the most effective solutions based on your needs and your Country applicable norms.

Articolo sulle politiche per la tutela ambientale di Sall - Justrite


Protecting people, workplace and the environment are Sall – Justrite Italia’s biggest responsibilities.

The choices made by Justrite Italia for the protection of the environment and personnel are reflected both in production system certifications and manufacturing standards (such as UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011, StaWaR), lean production and, in all those systems to minimize the environmental impact.

In this regard, Justrite Italia has promptly activated not only for the installation of the photovoltaic park, but also strongly wanted the implementation of the ISO 14001 standard, reorganized production and installed a tailor-made and cutting-edge machinery that minimises emissions, consumption, waste and waste.

Among these, one of the most important commissioned, is the plant dedicated to powder coating.
This fully automated system is in fact able to precisely dose plastic resins, eliminating almost completely the waste of plastics, and significantly reduce water consumption, fossil fuels and the emission of dust in the atmosphere.
Among the green choices worthy of note also the adoption of only paints and water-based primers for the other liquid painting plant.

The monitoring of energy consumption and emissions is an integral part of the 2023 annual planning related to the Green policies of Justrite Italia and will be the basis of further consumption reduction projects.

As for the certifications, Justrite Italia has also started all the necessary procedures in order to achieve the prestigious ESG (Environmental Social Governance) certification.

Development of minimal environmental impact products

With regard to the development of new products, from autumn 2023 it will be in production on large-scale a new line of industrial products that will require not only lower energy consumption in the production phase but that will further optimize efficiency, consumption and safety.

The quality, efficiency and the highest safety level of all Sall branded products are guaranteed by a careful design in compliance with the most demanding regulations and standards (design also validated by the certifying body for REI fire storage solutions), by both virtual and prototyping tests, certified production, traceability of the construction materials used, testing and quality tests conforming to the most stringent standards (such as UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021 which certifies the quality of welding and sealing).

All our choices and actions stem from our mission: to protect people and protect the environment for future generations.

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