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Bulk bag holding frame and big bag stacking racks designed and manufactured to meet every industrial need and regulation.

1 Ton Big bag holders

The best choice for FIBC cost-effective transport, storage space optimization, and operational safety.

When it comes to minimizing transport costs, optimizing storage spaces, and adhering to regulations, Sall branded bulk bag holding frames are the perfect solution.
These big bag holders are in fact designed and built with a sturdy steel structure tested to guarantee the utmost safety during the handling, filling, and storage of industrial materials, including hazardous substances and waste, and are thus especially recommended for ADR UN-approved FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, commonly known as “Big Bag” or “bulk bag”)..
The stackable and demountable design of Sall big bag holders allows both storage space optimization and cost-effective transportation.

Crafted from high-quality and traceable hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated steel, Sall’s big bag holders comes in many versions, such as configurable, stackable, wheeled base and bunded big bag holding frames, to cater to various industrial requirements.

Configurable bulk bag holding frame: one unique solution able to adapt as your needs change!

Save money and time, buy the unique 1 ton bulk bag frame on the market that can be easily and quickly adapted to your needs anytime!

Sall’s SPBN 120 Z stands out as a unique and versatile solution. It can be easily configured with a wide range of accessories, is fully demountable and stackable.
This model can be easily moved both with forklift or pallet truck and manually thanks to the optional wheeled frame. Accessories come in the hot-dip galvanized steel and powder painted versions.
You can also choose among standard colors (orange, blue, green, ligh blue and grey) or you can have your 1 ton bulk bag holder frame in custom painted color upon request.

Porta big bag configurabile, smontabile e sovrapponibile

Configurable bulk bag holder’s accessories:

  • Support base for spill pallet installation
  • Removable watertight spill containment pallet
  • Steel mesh base
  • Four-post trolley with interlocking base for safe manual handling
  • Mobile lid with handles
  • Terminal head for lid support
  • Three-position terminal with adjustable bag loop positioning
  • Mobile sides for best FIBC containment
  • Height-adjustable extensions for uprights
Art. n. SPBN120Z
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1060x1060x1347
Base Height (mm): 320
Material: Steel
Load Capacity (Kg): 1000
Mobile Spill Pallet Capacity (L): 100
Surface Treatment: Hot-dip Galvanization or Powder Coating
Support Base for Big Bag: Hot-dip Galvanized or Powder Coated Steel Tubes
Ground Support: Cup Feet
Design: Configurable, Demountable, and Stackable

Sall’s design philosophy revolves around providing maximum flexibility and efficiency across all industrial sectors.
The SPBN 120 can be effortlessly transformed by installing the accessories you need at any time.

The base version of the SPBN 120 Z includes:

  • Galvanized or powder-coated steel base in standard colors: orange, blue, grey, green and light blue.
  • Removable galvanized steel profiles (free uprights) with removable with interchangeable bag hooking terminals.
  • Cup feet for easy and safe stacking.

Stackable and demountable bulk bag holder

For managing 1 tonne big bags containing dry materials, waste and products, the SPB 120 without a containment sump is an excellent choice.
It allows for easy forklift handling and minimizes storage space and transportation costs due to its stackable and collapsible design and removable uprights.

Struttura porta big bag in acciaio zincato smontabile e sovrapponibile
Art. n. SPB 120
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1070x1070x1350
Base Height (mm): 320
Material: Steel
Load Capacity (Kg): 1000
Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanization or powder coating
Base for big bag holder: Hot-dip galvanized steel mesh with removable posts
Ground Support: Cup feet
Design: Demountable and stackable structure
Standard Colors: Orange, Blue, Grey, Green, Sky Blue
Color Customization: Powder coating in the desired color available upon request

Stackable and demountable 1 ton big bag holder with integrated spill pallet

SPB122 represents an ideal solution for the management of big bags (FIBC) containing materials and waste, even hazardous waste that could lead to liquid leaks, thanks to the integrated spill pallet.
This model is available in hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated versions.
Wheel frames for easy manual handling are available on request, as well as inlets for forklift handling.

Porta big bag con vasca smontabile e sovrapponibile in acciaio zincato a caldo
Art. n. SPB 122
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1000x1000x1860
Base Height (mm): 350
Material: Steel
Capacity (Kg): 1000
Capacity (L): 208
Available Versions: Hot-dip Galvanized / Powder Coated
Support Base for Bulk Bag: Steel spill pallet with removable posts
Ground Support: Forklift pockets
Design: Demountable and stackable
Standard Painted Version Colors: Orange, Blue, Grey, Green, Light Blue
Custom Colour: Powder coating in the desired colour available upon request
Struttura smontabile porta big bag con ruote e vasca in acciaio
Art. n. SPB 122 CR
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1000x1000x1998
Base Height (mm): 350
Material: Steel
Load Capacity (Kg): 1000
Volume Capacity (L): 208
Available Versions: Hot-Dip Galvanized / Powder-Coated
Bulk Bag Support Base: Steel spill pallet with removable uprights
Ground Support: Wheels
Design: Demountable and stackable
Standard Colors: Orange, Blue, Grey, Green, Sky Blue
Custom Colour Option: Painting in the desired color available upon request.

Bulk bag holding frame with gas damper for lid opening

The SPBN 121 is recommended for temporary storage of FIBC containing hazardous, polluting waste, and materials both indoors and outdoors. I It features a square-shaped design, a sturdy steel frame, impact protection, and a rainproof lid. The hinged upper lid is assisted by two gas pistons and can be locked in the open position for easy filling operations.
Customization options are available to meet customer’s requirements.

Contenitore porta big bag con coperchio e supporti antiurto
Art. n. SPB 121
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1100x1100x1360
Material: Steel
Load Capacity (Kg): 1000
Available Versions: Powder Coated Steel
Support Base for Bulk Bag: Watertight container bottom
Ground Support: Pass-through steel tubular profile feet
Design: Foldable and lockable container - with optional accessory upon request
Standard Colors: Orange, Blue, Grey, Green, Sky Blue
Custom Color: Painted in the desired color upon request.

Why choosing Sall big bag holders

  • Fully customizable based on customer request.
  • Configurable big bag holders allow to quick and easily add elements so you can personalize the frame by yourself as you like and need.
  • Space optimization and transport cost minimization thanks to the stackable and demountable structure.
  • Easy and safe handling both manually and by forklift.
  • Excellent resistance against corrosion and rust thanks to top quality hot-dip galvanization.
  • Unparalleled colour durability. Painted models will maintain a stable and beautiful colour also in extreme weathering conditions and provide a great protection against corrosion and rust.
  • Integrated spill containment pallets and welding quality are watertight tested and certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021.

What type of big bag holder should you use and why? Short guide based on materials and typical needs.

When selecting a bulk bag holder, it’s important to consider the specific content and usage requirements. There are different options available to cater to various needs.

  • Modular, demountable and stackable steel structure are the most versatile and flexible solutions in the market for storing, filling, and transporting Big Bags (FIBC). These holders can be easily customized and equipped to meet specific requirements. They can also recommended in cases where there might be a possibility of liquid leakage, as they offer the option of a removable spill pallet as an accessory.
  • Big bag holder with spill pallet are the best choice for big bags containing a wide range of solid and semi-liquid materials, as well as dangerous or polluting substances that could lead to liquid spills. This design ensures the watertight liquid containment thus preventing and minimizing leaks related risks for people and the environment.
  • Big bag holder with no spill pallet. If you’re dealing with big bags that contain solid materials and do not pose a risk of liquid spills, a big bag holder without a spill pallet is the best choice for FIBC storage and handling.

Next, consider how you plan to use the tonne bag holders:

A stackable and demountable bulk bag holder is an ideal choice when it comes to optimizing warehouse spaces and minimizing transport costs. These holders can shrink down in size when not in use, allowing for efficient space utilization.

If you frequently need to move big bags within your operations, a wheeled frame big bag holder is a convenient option. This design is suitable for industries where mobility is required, and it’s particularly useful in environments where forklift handling is not feasible due to limited space.

For situations where regular forklift handling is necessary, a bulk bag holder without wheels is the appropriate choice. These holders are designed to accommodate tonne bags in production settings.

Accessories and customization of Sall big bag holders

Standard accessories:

  • Removable spill pallet for bulk bags frames without integrated spill pallet.
  • Removable galvanized steel canopy.

Customization and tailor-made 1 ton bulk bag holding frame:

  • Powder painting of any requested colour.
  • Personalized accessories according to customer’s specificifications.
  • Tailor made big bag holders to perfectly match every customer requirements, even the most strict and specific locally applicable norms and regulations, and any type of material to be contained.

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