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Chemical stores and chemical storage containers
Complete lines of fire rated, bunded, climate controlled and insulated chemical storage containers

Chemical stores

Sall chemical stores are metal storage containers that create an additional outdoor storage area for high volumes of hazardous substances, flammables, polluting liquids, industrial products and materials, in compliance with EU and international  regulations, standards and norms.

The continuous updates of the normative frame of reference, in order to include an increasing number of the risk factors and dangerous substances, makes necessary to ask experts consultancy for the choice of the most suitable chemical storage container.

The Sall Engineering Department, in synergy with skilled safety experts and certification bodies, creates the most resistant and safe chemical stores on the market that guarantee both the safe active storage of dangerous substances and norms compliance.

Container REI 120 per sostanze e materiali infiammabili Sall

Climate controlled storage units

Sall produces both refrigerated and heated thermal storage containers according to customer’s specifications.
Ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food sectors and for all those realities where it is essential to keep materials and substances at a precise temperature.
Discover the advantages of temperature controlled containers.

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Container REI 120 per sostanze e materiali infiammabili Sall

Fire-rated storage containers

They are the safest solution for the storage of flammables.
These fire rated containers are custom made according to customer’s needs.
As standard Sall offers REI 120 certified solutions and on request designs and manufactures flammable storage buildings certified also for all other classes of fire resistance as well as explosion-proof versions.
Discover the advantages of REI containers.

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Container per lo stoccaggio di fusti su tre piani Sall

Bunded chemical stores for drums on pallets

They are the best solution for all those companies where the drums are handled frequently with the forklift.
The interior spaces of the drum storage container are specifically designed to allow a practical handling of the drums on pallets.
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Container a due livelli per lo stoccaggio di fusti su grigliato Sall

Bunded drum stores

Bunded drum stores are available in standard versions from 1 to 3 floors with hinged doors, sliding doors, PVC tarpaulin or without doors for internal storage.
The lower floor can also be used for tapping the drums thanks to the special containment tank installed under the galvanized steel support grid.
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Container per lo stoccaggio orizzontale di fusti su due piani Sall

Bunded drum stores for horizontal drum storage

Bunded drum store line dedicated to the horizontal storage of drums for practical and safe tapping and racking operations.
The standard models are available in versions with hinged doors, sliding doors, PVC tarpaulin and without doors, the latter version is suitable for indoor installation of the container.
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Container Sall su due piani con vasca di raccolta per lo stoccaggio di IBC

Bunded IBC stores

Bunded stores line specific for 1000 liters IBC storage.
These IBC stores are available in versions with hinged doors, sliding doors, PVC tarpaulin and without doors and are designed for practical handling with forklift.

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On request Sall designs and manufacture also:

  • Gas cylinder storage containers are blast resistant and designed to prevent internal gas saturation are manufactured based on gas cylinders quantity, gas type and local regulations.
  • Chemical stores for acids and corrosive liquids are available on request and manufactured according to the type of acids for best risk prevention.

Standard versions and customized chemical stores

Sall chemical storage containers are available in bunded or models without spill pallet and in many door versions so that you can choose exactly what you need:

  • Sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • PVC terpaulin
  • No doors
  • Bunded version
  • No spill containment pallet for solids and materials that cannot originate spillages
  • Lockable versions

It is also possible to equip all the Sall chemical storage containers with:

All the hazmat stores features certified steel structures made of top quality steel and welded in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021.
Sall storage containers are also subjected to the multi-stage painting process with quality water paint for environmental safety.
For standard models, painting has C4M corrosion resistance level. On request Sall can realize higher painting cycles suitable also for coastal regions.

For flammables safe storage, such as in case of paints, oils, solvents are available fire-rated air vents REI certified for all the fire classes.
Validated design and production certified REI 120 by an independent certifying body for all fire-rated stores; REI certifications are available on request for all fire resistance classes.

For the active storage of acids and corrosive liquids are available on request both stainless steel spill containment tanks and plastic coating of the storage buildings integrated tank.

For special needs such as the storage of extremely dangerous substances, volumes exceeding standard models capacity or Extra EU norms, Sall manufactures completely customised storage containers, according to customer needs and specifications.

As certified manufacturer, Sall offers the most appreciated free technical consultancy service.

Sall safety experts and technicians will provide you support in your language, will clarify any doubts and will guide you to the best solution that will both save you costly fines, dangers, risks and will guarantee the chemicals norms compliant and safe storage.

Take advantage of the free technical consulting service

Get free technical consulting and information as well as  free risk analysis by filling the below form or, if you prefer, send an email to Sall – Justrite customer service.

    Do you prefer a modular solution that can be easily transported with a forklift truck and allows great storage flexibility?

    Modulcontainer per stoccaggio fusti con vasca di sicurezza

    Modular drum storage containers

    They allow an exceptional flexibility in the management of the spaces used for the storage of dangerous, polluting and flammable substances, the minimization of investment costs and guarantee the highest level of safety for personnel and the environment.

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    Modul container a 2 piani per lo stoccaggio di 8 IBC con porte scorrevoli chiudibili a chiave

    Modular IBC storage containers

    Complete line of modular IBC stores designed specifically for the active storage of dangerous substances, pollutants and flammable liquids contained in 1000 L IBC.

    Discover the complete line!

    Modul container coibentato per ottimale isolamento termico nello stoccaggio

    Insulated modul containers

    Compact and modular insulated solutions necessary to avoid temperature changes to stored materials and substances.
    They are the most appreciated insulated storage solutions both for their outstanding performance and for the optimization of space and ease of handling.

    Discover the complete line!

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