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Container di stoccaggio a temperatura controllata in acciaio con sistemi di controllo temperatura e pannelli isolanti EI
Temperature controlled storage units for materials, goods and substances that require a precise temperature.

Climate controlled storage

Sall manufactures highly technological climate controlled storage units able not only to keep a constant internal temperature but also equipped of alarms and safety systems so that you are aware of the slightest temperature changes.

These temperature controlled storage containers are especially used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors to prevent food alteration and to avoid potential risks, such as in case of undesirable reactions that can be caused by temperature variations or medicines alteration.

Container di stoccaggio Sall - Justrite

Suggested systems for climate controlled storage containers

Sall can provide the temperature controlled units with the following ATEX or standard systems:

  • ATEX or standard cooling systems
  • ATEX heating systems
  • ATEX or standard air conditioning systems
  • ATEX or standard lighting systems
  • ATEX or standard fire-fighting systems
  • ATEX or standard forced ventilation systems
  • Gas detection systems
  • Temperature control system
  • Alarms

Sall designs and manufacture climate storage containers

Sall offers both refrigerated and heated storage units equipped with certified systems for temperature control, alarms, air filtration and much more.

Both refrigerated and heated storage units are made of a durable and resistant steel structure with mineral wool panels for optimal thermal insulation and can be equipped with bunded flooring for walk-in buildings or integrated spill containment tank for storage only containers.

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    Certified production and quality

    The UNI EN ISO 9001 certified production process, together with EN 1090, UNI EN 3834:2-2021 certifications are guarantee of manufacturing quality, while REI certifications and ATEX systems are crucial for all the chemicals ans substances that can cause fire in case of reaction.
    The ATEX heating systems comes with sensors and alarms for highest safety and all the temperature controlled storage containers can be equipped with all the necessary systems depending of the substances such as for example gas detection systems.

    All the climate controlled storage units are designed, manufactured and certified in compliance to customer’s specifications and Country specific regulations.

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