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Linea container per stoccaggio orizzontale di fusti

Horizontal drum storage containers

Safety Containers for the horizontal drum storage on 2 or 3 storage levels are equipped with built-in certified spill containment pallet (safety collection tank).
The first level is designed to allow easy and safe tapping operations while the upper shelves serve as drum storage. The monolithic steel structure guarantees maximum resistance and strength thanks to high quality raw materials and a certified welding cycle.
All models are subjected to a particular multi-stage coating process, using certified quality water-based paint, which guarantees maximum resistance to atmospheric agents and oxidation while respecting the Planet at the same time.

All Standard models are available in the following versions:

  • Standard available colours: blue or white coating cycle. Any other chosen colour can be provided on request
  • Hinged locking doors
  • Sliding doors with anti-intrusion locking system
  • PVC sheets
  • No doors

Specific support surface is available for liquid transfer operations, on request.

For customization of standard storage buildings for horizontal drum storage, or for tailor-made solutions, request us free technical consulting and tell us your needs.

Container per stoccaggio orizzontale di 8 fusti da 200 L su 2 livelli con porte battenti

chemical storage buildings for 8 and 12 drums horizontally stored

Art. Nr.CTO 2P 3114 CTO 3P 3114
External Dimensions:
L x W x H (mm)
Internal Measurements:
L x W x H (mm)
Capacity (L):550800
Number of 200L drums:812
Models without doors:CTO 2P 3114CTO 3P 3114
Models with sliding doors:CTO 2P 3114 PSCTO 3P 3114 PS
Models with hinged doors:CTO2P3114PBCTO 3P 3114 PB
Models with PVC cover:CTO2P3114TPCTO 3P 3114 TP
Container per stoccaggio orizzontale di 24 fusti su 3 livelli con porte scorrevoli

chemical storage buildings for 16 and 24 drums horizontally stored

Art. Nr.CTO 2P 6214CTO 3P 6214
External Dimensions:
L x W x H (mm)
Internal Measurements:
L x W x H (mm)
Capacity (L): 11001600
Number of 200L drums: 1624
Models without doors:CTO 2P 6214CTO 3P 6214
Models with sliding doors:CTO 2P 6214 PSCTO 3P 6214 PS
Models with hinged doors:--
Models with PVC cover:CTO 2P 6214 TPCTO 3P 6214 TP

Why to choose Sall’ bunded drum stores for horizontal storage

  • Efficiency maximization and safety during manual operations such as drum rotation and tapping
  • Space optimization and 2in1 solution: ideal both as a transfer station and as a storage depot for drums
  • Investment minimization for storage of large volume capacity regarding hazardous substances, contained in drums thanks to the long lasting resistant structure
  • Minimization of maintenance costs and easy cleaning operations thanks to the self-supporting grids on the spill pallet, designed for heavy loads as well as for easy and safe removal when necessary

Technical features:

  • Monolithic welded structure made of high quality traceable steel
  • Certified spill pallet, tested for watertightness performance and certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021
  • Removable and self-supporting high capacity grids for easy and safe cleaning of the spill pallet
  • Specific support surface for transfer operations on request
  • Sliding and hinged doors with mineral wool sandwich core
  • Anti-intrusion door locking
  • Mineral wool sandwich insulating roof on request
  • Side air vents

Sall manufactures custom chemical storage buildings for horizontal drum storage

Fill the form below and tell us your storage needs, we will contact you very soon.
As specialised manufacturer you will get the best solution and quotation.


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