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Let's make scraps and industrial waste disposal a breeze!

Drop Bottom Skips and Bins

Sall designs and manufactures stackable drop bottom skips featuring an automatic door locking mechanism when the skip is set down and mechanisms for highest operational safety.
Perfect for efficient and safe collection, temporary storage, transportation, and discharge of waste, scraps, materials, processing residues, refuses and industrial waste. These waste container in fact can be safely filled, transported and emptied using both crane or forklift. Thanks to the special and tested eyelets they allow easy and safe crane and overhead cranes operations indeed.
All Sall drop bottom bins are CE marked, have certified load capacity (ranging from 1300 up to 2000 Kg depending on the model), and are built with an extremely impact-resistant steel sheet structure, made of certified and traceable quality steel, and welded in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021 standard.

These drop bottom skips are available with 1 or 2 doors and are powder-painted in the standard Sall colors (orange, blue, gray, green, and light blue), for best industrial separate waste collection. Sall branded openable bottom containers are carefully designed and tested to prevent risks related to possible slips and unintentional openings during forklift and crane handling.
TIndeed, all models are equipped with a fastening chain to secure the skip to the the forklift, a safety lock preventing accidental content discharge, and a practical unloading mechanism operable by the operator, who can pull the connected rope without having to get off the forklift.

Upon request, all the drop bottom opening bins are also available in galvanized steel version and painted in any custom color desired by the customer.
The Sall painting process not only provides the product with a long-lasting and vibrant color for maximum visibility during operations but also creates a thick (from 80 to 100 microns) and ultra resistant film that protects every part of the openable bottom container from rust, corrosion, and atmospheric agents.

If you wish to customize the standard models, just take advantage of the free technical consulting service and get best quotation bdirectly from Sall’s technical sales department by clicking here.

Drop bottom skips – 1 door

Choose the single door drop bottom skips model you need:

  • With skids allows an omogenous distribution of weight and makes even more easy the door closing.
  • With galvanized steel feet that guarantee optimal resistance to corrosion and rust even when placed in puddles and areas subject to liquid spillage.
  • With wheels for best and easy maneuverabiliy.
    The wheeled drop bottom skips are particularly recommended for collecting materials in confined spaces and work areas where the forklift cannot pass through.
Contenitore a 1 fondo apribile con slitte lato corto

Single drop bottom skips with skids – Load capacity from 1300 up to 1400 Kg

Models: SL154A, SL154B, SL154C

dimensioni contenitori a fondo apribile con slitte
Art. N°A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Capacity (Kg)
Contenitore a fondo apribile con ruote

Single drop bottom skips with wheels – Load capacity 1350 Kg

Models: SL150AR, SL150BR, SL150CR

Dimensioni contenitori a 1 fondo apribile con ruote
Art. N°A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Capacity (Kg)
Contenitore a fondo apribile con piedi

Single drop bottom skips with feet – Load capacity 1350 Kg

Models: SL150AP, SL150BP, SL150CP

Misure contenitore a fondo apribile con piedi
Art. N°A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Capacity (Kg)

Drop Bottom Skips with 2 Doors

These waste containers with double opening bottom are available upon request, also with steel mesh walls, hot-dip galvanized steel, and smooth coating on the inner walls for the complete discharge of materials that might otherwise create friction.
The standard doors opening is 440 mm, and upon request, they are also available with a complete door opening, which is ideal for the discharge of bulky materials.

Contenitore a 2 fondelli apribili SL153

Drop bottom skips with 2 doors – Load capacity 2000 Kg

Models: SL153A, AL153B

Misure contenitori a 2 fondelli apribili
Art. N°A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Capacity (Kg)
Contenitore a 2 fondi apribili SL064H650

Drop bottom skips with 2 doors – 1000 x 800 x H 910 mm – Load capacity 2000 Kg

Model: SL064H650

Misure contenitori a 2 fondelli apribili
Art. N°A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Capacity (Kg)
Contenitore a 2 fondi apribili modello SL064H1000

Drop bottom skips with 2 doors – 1000 x 800 x H 1260 mm – Load capacity 2000 Kg

Model: SL064H1000

Misure contenitori a 2 fondelli apribili
Art. N°A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Capacity (Kg)
Contenitore a 2 fondi apribili modello SL064H1300

Drop bottom skips with 2 doors – 1000 x 800 x H 1560 mm – Load capacity 2000 Kg

Model: SL064H1300

Misure contenitori a 2 fondelli apribili
Art. N°A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Capacity (Kg)

Looking for the best custom drop bottom bin and you need it soon?

Create with us the drop bottom opening skip tailored on your needs and get best quotation!

    What makes Sall drop bottom opening skips your first choice for industrial waste disposal.

    • Industrial waste separation is easy and efficient as weel the disposal of various types of industrial waste, such as: scraps, scrap metal, iron, metals, shavings, wood, plastic, and processing residues.
    • Optimization of storage space through stackable design.
    • Safe handling both with a forklift and with a crane or overhead crane.
    • Excellent maneuverability by hand so that operators can collect materials in areas where there is not room for the forklift to pass by.
    • Operational risks are minimized thanks to integrated safety systems.
    • Customization of color and model according to customer preferences.
    • Tailor-made production according to customer specifications.
    • CE marking.

    Technical characteristics of the Sall drop bottom opening containers:

    • The surdy structure made of certified and traceable steel and is welded in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021.
    • Ultra-resistant polyester powder coating ensuring unparalleled color durability and protecting every part of the container from rust, corrosion, and atmospheric agents.
    • Mechanism for door opening and closing made of galvanized steel.
    • Automatic door closure mechanism activated by placing the container on the ground.
    • Discharge mechanism of the content operable by the operator using a lever without having to descend from the forklift.
    • Bottom safety locking mechanism to prevent accidental openings during transportation through forklift or crane.
    • Chain to keep the container in position during use with the forklift to prevent it from slipping off the forks in case of incautious operations.
    • 1+2 stackable design from heaviest to lightest or 1+3 as per load capacity requirement (for this please contact us).
    • Handles for easy forklift insertion and stable transportation.
    • Eyelets designed specifically for crane use, ideal for construction sites.

    Usage instructions for Sall drop bottom bins:

    These bottm opening waste containers can be moved with cranes, overhead cranes, and all types of adjustable forklifts whose capacity is suitable for the lifted weight (equipment’s unloaded weight plus nominal capacity) and operating conditions.

    For maximum personnel safety during the transportation of the skip from the work area to the unloading area, please follow these steps:

    1. Ensure that the devices securing the bottom are properly engaged.
    2. Ensure that the lever allowing the bottom opening is locked during transportation.
    3. Keep the forks slightly elevated and the container in the lowest position possible.
    4. All movements must be made with the lifting forks tilted backward.

    The containers can be stacked 1+2 from the heaviest to the lightest (for 1+3 stackability please contact us for technical information and model specifications). It is expressly prohibited to modify or apply any alterations to the bottom-opening skips as it voids the warranty and may also affect the functioning of safety mechanisms. Only trained and qualified personnel should use the bottom-opening containers.

    Always read the user manual carefully and follow the instructions.

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