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Sall, The EU leading manufacturer of safety storage solutions for compressed gas cylinders.

Gas cylinder storage cages and deposits

Sall specializes in manufacturing gas cylinder storage cages and deposits for compressed gas and LPG, providing compliant and secure storage solutions for medium and large gas volumes both indoors and outdoors.
Gas cylinders pose a serious health risk if not stored correctly. It is crucial to prevent unauthorized access and protect them from weather elements, direct sunlight, and heat sources. Additionally, great care must be taken to avoid storing empty and full cylinders together, as well as incompatible gases.

The extensive Sall range includes gas cylinder storage deposits configured as cages and modular storage units, equipped with anti-intrusion closures, designed to ensure safe and compliant storage for up to 36 cylinders
All models can be customized in size and accessories. We also offer customized cylinder storage solutions for specific industrial needs.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage Cages in Galvanized Steel – Modular Design, Ideal for LPG Cylinders Too.

Deposito per bombole gas compressi e GPL in acciaio zincato mod. PBO 11 CBZ

Gas cylinder cage with storage capacity from 9 up to 12 cylinders

Misure deposito per bombole gas compressi PBO 11 CBZ
Art. N°:PBO 11 CBZ
Dimensions (mm):960 x 1130 x 2100 H
Ideal for number of cylinders: 9 - 12 cylinders
Door type: Hinged doors with anti-intrusion locking
Gabbia deposito per bombole gas compressi in acciaio zincato con porte battenti mod. PBO 23 CBZ

Gas cylinder cage with storage capacity from 18 up to 24 cylinders

Misure deposito per bombole PBO 23 CBZ
Art. N°:PBO 23 CBZ
Dimensions (mm):960 x 2300 x 2100 H
Ideal for number of cylinders: 18 - 24 cylinder
Material: Steel
Door type:Hinged doors with anti-intrusion locking
Deposito per bombole di gas compressi dal design modulare con porte battenti. Modello PBO 35 CBZ in acciaio zincato e verniciato blu.

Gas cylinder cage with storage capacity from 27 up to 36 cylinders

Misure deposito per bombole PBO 35 CBZ
Dimensions (mm): 960 x 3500 x 2100 H960 x 3500 x 2100 H
Ideal for number of cylinders: 27 - 36 cylinders27 - 36 cylinders
Material: Galvanized steelOverpainted Galvanized steel
Door Type:Hinged doors with anti-intrusion lockingHinged doors with anti-intrusion locking

Gas cylinder storage cages in galvanized steel

Gabbia per bombole gas in acciaio zincato PBO 15 SBZ

Gas cylinder cage with storage capacity up to 24 cylinders

Art. N°:PBO 15 SBZPBO 35 CBZ
Dimensions (mm): 1550 L x 1210 P x 2285 H1550 L x 1210 P x 2450 H
Ideal for No. of Cylinders:24 cylinders24 cylinders
Material:Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
Door Type: Hinged doors with anti-intrusion lockingHinged doors with anti-intrusion locking
Base Support:Without base With base
Gabbia per stoccaggio bombole di gas ideale per 48 bombole

Gas cylinder cage for 48 cylinders storage

Art. N°:PBO 30 SBZPBO 30 CBZ
Dimensions (mm):3180 L x 1600 P x 2285 H3180 L x 1600 P x 1450 H
Ideal for number of cylinders:48 cylinders48 cylinders
Material: Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
Door type: Hinged doors with anti-intrusion locking Hinged doors with anti-intrusion locking
Base support: Without baseWith base

Certified modular storage deposits for compressed gas cylinders

The Pandesa model gas cylinder storage cages do not require construction permits and are authorized by the Italian Ministry of the Interior with certificate n°3804/30/91.
Their extendable structure is made of wrapped and welded steel panels with perimeter beams to contain structural deflections and ensure exceptional strength for storing compressed gas cylinders.
The panels can also be filled with sand or concrete before their installation. All Pandesa boxes come with continuous grounding (Faraday cage), adjustable feet for optimal ground fixation, and a modular design with perforations for interlocking modules, allowing excellent management of dedicated cylinder storage spaces.
The roof is made of corrugated tar paper and is fixed to the painted steel base, while the swinging doors feature intrusion-proof grilles with a safety lock.
The galvanization of all components, combined with certification and painting using self-extinguishing polyurethane resins, make these gas cylinder storage boxes the ideal solution for storing highly hazardous gas cylinders and in all cases where the use of certified boxes is mandatory.

Box per bombole certificati Pandesa
Quantità bombole stoccabili per box bombole gas
Art. N°Dimensions:
L x P x H (mm)
N° of cylindersWeight (Kg)
PANDESA 3960 x 880 x 24003 gas cylinders262
PANDESA 61760 x 880 x 24006 gas cylinders377
PANDESA 6 + 32640 x 880 x 24009 gas cylinders568
PANDESA 101760 x 1680 x 240010 gas cylinders550

Sall designs and manufactures custom-made storage deposits and containers for gas cylinder storage.

Do you have specific requirements or haven’t found the compressed gas cylinder storage depot you were looking for?
Fill out the form and tell us about your needs. We will contact you shortly for free technical consultation and a quote.

    What are the advantages of purchasing Sall gas cylinder storage cages?

    • The modular design with module fastening systems allows for expanding the storage capacity as needed, optimizing the business spaces dedicated to compressed gas cylinder storage.
    • The storage cages are easy and safe to transport when empty, using a forklift, in case they need to be moved to another storage area.
    • The steel mesh sides and doors provide optimal internal ventilation, preventing potential hazards from gas buildup inside the storage cages.
    • The highly durable steel structure is made from certified and traceable materials, zinc-coated to ensure excellent resistance to weather and corrosion.
    • The safety locking system prevents unauthorized access, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by mishandling of cylinders.
    • Customization service is available to perfectly adapt any standard model to the customer’s needs, including dimensions, the number of cylinders to be stored, and the desired paint color.
    • Design and creation of cabinets, storage cages, and containers for special cylinders, including:
          • Explosion-proof versions.
          • Versions with thermal insulation.
          • Safety systems and alarms.
          • EU and international certifications.

    Accessories available for every Sall gas cylinder storage cage:

    • Galvanized steel access ramp.
    • Cylinder fastening system with chain and 2 S-shaped hooks.
    • Mobile dividers for organized cylinder arrangement.
    • Removable shelves.

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