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Sall metal pallets are the most resistant and durable solution for materials and goods handling by forklift and pallet truck as well as for the long-term storage of heavy loads.

Unlike wooden or plastic pallets, steel pallets do not present the risk of fire and possible contamination by pesticides, fungicides, sanitizers, solvents or other dangerous chemicals.

Sall metal pallets are made of certified steel and are specially designed to withstand a high weight (capacity from 1000 to 2000 Kg depending on the models.
The wide range of steel pallets includes also safety bar storage racks and heavy duty bar cradles with load capacities from 2000 up to 6000 Kg – depending on the model) and fabric roll stillages.
All the Sall branded steel pallets are characterized by extraordinary strength and durability and are completely recyclable.
Appreciated for their quality Worldwide in all industrial sectors they are indispensable for hardware and companies that require high strength, such as those in the metallurgical and automotive industries, because of the type of heavy materials they need to store and handle.

Sall metal pallets feature also the optimal dimensions for easy passage from standard industrial doors with forklift, and are also recommended for transport, by plane or by ship.
Sall steel pallets and post pallets are available in versions with 2 or 3 slides, double bottom, with removable wooden base, free uprights.

The special powder coating made in several stages by Sall, thanks to a special and custom painting plant, allow to minimize the environmental impact and offer an inimitable finish.
This ultra-technological painting process allows in fact to wrap every part of the pallets with a thick film (about 100 microns) smooth, homogeneous, super-resistant to atmospheric agents, corrosion, rust, rubbing and unassailable by most chemicals.
The painting is also safe for the environment and people as it is made in a protected environment, and therefore without risk of emissions into the atmosphere, and does not release anything thanks to the controlled polymerization process and dosing system.

All Sall metal pallets can be fully customize for sizes, color, design, and are also available made of hot dip galvanized steel or hot dip over painted galvanized steel.

On request, customized solutions are created for special requirements, also for automatic conveyor platforms and automated vertical warehouses.
On customer request, static and dynamic stress resistance tests are carried out as well as structural tests to guarantee the specific performances of the steel pallets for particular situations such as plants with transport of pallets on rollers and load handling with manipulators.


  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent strength and resistance
  • Certified load capacity
  • Easy and safe handling with forklift truck, pallet truck and forklift thanks to 4 access ways
  • Minimization of initial investment in medium and long term
  • Sanitizable
  • Hygienic
  • Recyclable


  • Metal Pallets: steel pallets with load capacity to 2000 Kg, available with 2 or 3 long side skids, wooden base, reversible base. Base can be made of structural profiles EN 10219 or S235JR press-formed steel profiles depending on the models.
  • Post pallets: stackable, with feet or skids, load capacity ranges from 1000 up to 2000 Kg depending on the model. Sall post pallets are the best choice for  warehouse space optimization and for the vertical storage of materials, goods and industrial products.
  • Heavy load bar cradles: load capacity of 2000, 3000 and 6000 Kg depending on the model. The advantage of using Sall steel bar racks is the unique safety level they provide when moved with cranes and forklift truck and the stackable design up to 3 levels.
    Ideal for safe handling and storage of metal bars.
  • Fabric roll stillages: the load capacity of 1000 Kg, stackable design and ease of transport with forklift allow not only to optimize storage space but maximize also operations efficiency thanks to their usage flexibility and safety level. Sall fabric roll stillages feature a perfectly smooth surface to prevent scratches and damage to the fabrics.
Contenitori metallici industriali in lamiera Sall

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