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Linee prodotti Sall dedicate a movimentazione e stoccaggio industriale per la sicurezza ambientale e sul lavoro

Products for Safe Material Handling & Storage

Experts in creating the safety ecosystem you need for your company.

Sall, 50 years of experience in the development of pioneering environmental solutions and products for safety and norms compliant storage and material handling.

Discover Sall product lines: all models are fully customizable and can be equipped with accessories and optional to perfectly match every customer needs.
For special requests, Justrite Italia creates completely customized solutions.
Tailored-made solutions can be manufactured also in stainless steel and to comply to very specific norms.


Contenitori metallici industriali in lamiera Sall

Complete lines of metal stillages and pallet cages with sheet steel sides, mesh sides, chute front stillages and collapsible versions. Sall manufactures also customized solutions on request.
All metal stillages have certified capacity, anti-cutting steel processing for maximum operator safety, stackable design for optimization of warehouse spaces.
The models are also available in versions with feet, skids and doors that can be opened made of steel mesh or sheet metal.

Pallet in metallo con 3 slitte lato lungo portata 2000 Kg

Steel pallets made with certified capacity ideal for logistics and warehouse.
The metal pallets are available in versions with two or three skids, free uprights with feet, reversible base and also with wooden base for handling delicate materials.

Galvanized steel and customized pallets are also available on request.

Find the pallet you need right away.

Struttura porta big bag in acciaio zincato smontabile e sovrapponibile

Steel big bag holders ideal for the containment of industrial materials and hazardous waste (ADR big bag UN approved).
The big bag structures made by Sall are demountable and stackable and are available in versions with or without spill containement pallet depending on the contents of the big bag, with or without wheels and in a configurable version for maximum flexibility of use.

On request, Sall creates custom big bag holders.

Benne ribaltabili per sfridi, rottami, trucioli

The CE marked forklift tipping skips from Sall ensure the highest level of efficiency and personnel safety.
Thanks to their safety mechanisms and easy-to-operate mechanism, they are extremely reliable and secure to use.
They feature a compact design yet certified high-load-capacity makes these tipping skips practical to handle even in tight spaces and are the ideal solution for collecting and unloading waste, scrap, chips, and all types of waste materials.

Contenitore a 1 fondo apribile con slitte lato corto

Sall’s CE-marked drop bottom skips are designed to make easy the collection, handling, and disposal of industrial waste with a forklift.
Equipped with intuitive opening mechanisms, reliable safety locks, and full regulatory compliance, these containers are made with robust reinforced steel structures for maximum strength and personnel safety.
Choose from a wide range of models, to best suit your needs they are also fully customisable!

Cestello portabombole per il trasporto e lo stoccaggio di 12 bombole di gas

Discover Sall’s range of gas cylinder pallets, designed for the secure transport and storage of compressed gas cylinders.
These baskets are engineered for convenient handling, whether using a crane or a forklift. They feature a sturdy and highly durable structure made from certified steel, hot-dip galvanized for added resilience. Equipped with safety locking mechanism, these baskets significantly reduce the risk of accidents or cylinder damage during handling.


Vasca di contenimento per 8 fusti da 200 litri

Complete lines of steel spill containment pallets for barrels / drums available also with polyethylene internal coating to contain acids.
They allow the indoor storage from 1 to 8 barrels x 200 liters.
Also available in nestable version, thanks to the conical shape, and stackable versions thanks to the three steel side walls, for the optimization of spaces.
On request drum spill pallets can be made of stainless steel and can de manufacture according to customer specifications.

Vasca di contenimento liquidi in acciaio per 3 cisterne IBC da 1000 lt con ripiano inclinato rialzabile

IBC spill pallets made of top quality and traceable steel with hot galvanized steel grid.
Ideal for the internal storage of 1000 litre IBC tanks containing dangerous liquids, pollutants and acids.
For the containment of acids and corrosive liquids are available on request with a special internal polyethylene coating.
Available also in stackable version.

On request they are produced to measure according to customer specifications.

Carrello porta fusti in acciaio zincato con vasca di raccolta

Drum spill containment trolleys with spill pallet ideal for the prevention of accidental spillage during the handling of drums and other smaller containers.
Available in standard versions in powder coated steel and galvanized steel for 1 or 2 barrels of 200 liters.

On request they are made to measure and also in stainless steel.

Vasca di raccolta flessibile e transitabile in uso sotto un veicolo pesante

Flexible and drive-through spill pallets made of modified PVC.
Ideal for operations on tanker trucks and other vehicles carrying liquids.
They are the most practical and durable drive-in/out solution on the market.

Vasca di raccolta portatile in pvc in uso con cisterna camion

Portable, ready to use and flexible spill pallets made of modifies PVC ideal for emergencies.
Made in a single piece, they are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use thanks to the lightweight and extremely durable material.

Pavimentazione modulare transitabile in acciaio con vasca di raccolta

Modular steel bundeed flooring system with drive-through grid for forklift passage.
Ideal as a working area and for the safe indoor storage of liquids and to protect the origina floor from spills.


Armadi da esterno e depositi per fusti

Steel bunded cabinets for the external and internal storage of drums.
Complete lines for storage from 1 to 4 barrels of 200 liters, also available for flammable liquids.
On request, we can also make bespoke drum deposits for acids and corrosive liquids.

Depositi per cisterne 1000 lt

Steel bunded cabinets for the external and internal storage of 1000 litre IBC tanks.
Complete storage lines from 1 to 2 IBC, also available for flammable liquids.
On request, IBC deposits are also made to measure for corrosive acids and liquids.

Gabbia deposito per bombole gas compressi in acciaio zincato con porte battenti mod. PBO 23 CBZ

Specialist storage solution for compressed gas cylinders safe storage in compliance with current regulations.

All models can be tailored to your requirements, and custom storage facilities are created, even for large quantities of cylinders, such as LPG cylinder containers.


Container REI 120 per sostanze e materiali infiammabili Sall

Sall designs and manufactures fire-rated containers.
As standard Sall offer REI 120 storage containers, but on request, can be manufactured also containers with REI certification for all other fire resistance classes.

Container a temperatura controllata Sall

Sall manufactures both refrigerated and heated temperature controlled storage containers according to customer specifications.
Can be equipped with sensors, alarms and both ATEX and standard systems for any need.

Container Sall su due piani con vasca di raccolta per lo stoccaggio di IBC

Complete line of IBC storage containers.
Versions available with sliding doors, hinged doors, PVC tarpaulin or without doors.

Container per lo stoccaggio di fusti su tre piani Sall

Complete line of bunded drum stores for the storage of barrels on pallets.
Ideal for frequently drum handling operations with forklift.

Container a due livelli per lo stoccaggio di fusti su grigliato Sall

Bunded stores for vertical drum storage.
Barrels are directly stored on the grid of the spill containment system.

Container per lo stoccaggio orizzontale di fusti su due piani Sall

Specific container line for horizontal drum storage.
Ideal not only for the safe storage of chemicals but also for practical and safe dispensing operations.

Modul container coibentato per ottimale isolamento termico nello stoccaggio

Insulated modular storage containers for optimal thermal insulation.
Ideal for all those materials and substances that should not undergo temperature changes.

Modulcontainer per stoccaggio fusti con vasca di sicurezza

Modular storage containers for drums and smaller primary containers.
The modularity allows great flexibility in the management of space and practicality in transport with forklift.

Modul container a 2 livelli per lo stoccaggio di 4 IBC da 1000 L

IBC modular storage containers.

Easy to move with forklift truck and ideal for optimizing storage space as needed.

Safety showers and emergency eyewashes

Emergency showers essential for the personnel safety.
Available in the outdoor, indoor and portable versions.

Emergency eye wash made by Justrite are available both as fixed and portable versions.
Indispensable for all those companies where hazardous substances, dust, dirt or other things can come into contact with the eyes creating damage to employees.




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