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Drive over, flexible and portable spill berms for chemicals, polluting and hazardous liquids

Spill containment berms for reliable confinement of leaks, drips, spillages

BCI, the American brand of Justrite Safety Group, offers top-quality flexible spill containment berms in the European market through Justrite Italia (Justrite’s headquarters and production site based in Italy).
With 25 years of expertise, BCI specializes in developing and manufacturing flexible spill containment berms for best emergency response using exclusive PVC polymers.

Justrite Italia proudly brings BCI Quickberms, the innovative flexible spill containment berms to Europe, ensuring compliance with both international and EU regulations, including IEEE 980-2021 and SPCC standards. These berms are designed to effectively contain oils, fuels, acids, chemicals, and other hazardous or polluting substances and comes in two versions depending on usage: drive-over spill containment berms and portable berms.

What sets BC Quickberms flexible berms apart is their state-of-the-art technology, utilizing BCI geomembrane materials. This results in unmatched durability, a lightweight design, and exceptional resistance against a wide range of chemicals. By choosing BCI spill containment berms through Justrite Italia, you can trust that you’re investing in efficiency, people and environmental safety with reliable, high-quality berms that meet the most stringent standards ans regulations.

Flexible QuickBerm®: drive-over and portable spill berms

BCI spill containment berms are characterized by an innovative lightweight and unique design that makes them the ideal solution in emergency situations and whenever immediate use is needed or as a preventative containment solution.
In the event of an emergency involving hazardous liquids in fact, countermeasures must be taken quickly and easily to protect the surrounding ground areas and minimize the dangers for people and environment.
BCI spill berms are therefore the most effective solutions and always easy and ready to use when needed.

The material flexibility and extraordinary resistance of these berms make them ideal for emergency response.
Quickberms are in fact used Worldwide also by firefighters, for military applications, in case of accidents involving tanker trucks and for temporary storage  of 1000 litres IBC, drums, tanks and any other type of liquid container to prevent risks. BCI Quickberms cames in two versions: drive-over Rigidlock Quickberms and Portable Rigidlock Quickberms Lite.
The drive over spill berms as well as the portable spill berms are conveniently used in all situations where potential leaks and substance spills may occur and can be quickly deploy and setup for drive-through, emergency, decontamination operations (ideal to be used with emergency showers), and preventative applications.

What are the unique advantages of BCI Quickberms?

Containment systems made with BCI geomembranes offer the highest durability, strength, and safety compared to any other polyethylene or standard PVC containment berms.
The geomembranes are indeed made of special modified BCI PVC.

The BCI materials used in manufacturing all the BCI spill containment berms provide:

  • Greatest usage safety even in extreme conditions.
  • Excellent material stability.
  • Minimal contraction-expansion that temperature variations causes to other materials.
  • Excellent resistance and maximum protection, even at high temperatures, against various chemicals, including acids, oils, fats, and methane.
  • Outstanding UV resistance for safe and long-term outdoor usage.

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Choose the most reliable and safest flexible containment solution with BCI Quickberms.

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