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Ideal for the indoor compliant storage of hazardous, polluting, flammables and corrosive liquids contained in barrels, drums and IBC.

Steel spill pallets

Sall manufactures steel spill pallets for chemical, hazardous and polluting liquids storage in compliance with International and EU regulations to guarantee people and environmental safety.

Standard models come in complete and specific lines to store 200 liters drums or smaller primary containers, as well as 1000 liters IBC.
The sturdy and durable structures of all Sall’s metal spill pallets are made of top quality and traceable steel and are welded and watertight tested in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021 to guarantee the highest safety and durability.

All the models are ideal for both storing hazardous and polluting liquids and for being used as transfer and dosing stations. Thanks to specific accessories (such as splash guards, supports, etc.) you can easily adapt the steel spill pallet to meet your needs.
Accessories are available in both standard and custom versions.
The anti-cut design and hot-dip galvanized steel self-supporting and removable grid allow easy and safe spill pallet cleansing and inspecting operations.

All the metal spill containment pallets can be equipped with internal plastic coating, specific for acids and corrosive liquids containment. This coating allows to combine the advantages of polyethylene spill containment pallets with the unique strength and durability of steel bunds.

Features of Sall branded steel spill containment pallets

  • Sturdy and extremely durable structure made of traceable and certified top-quality steel.
  • Heavy load, self-supporting and removable grid made of hot-dip galvanized steel for heavy use and easy manual operations.
  • Watertight tested and welding quality certified through non destructive tests using penetrating liquids in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021.
  • STAWAR compliance for models with containment capacity lower than 1000 liters.
  • Steel anti-cut processing to prevent accidents during manual operations.
  • Forklift access designed for a safe and stable handling using both forklift and pallet trucks.
  • Multi-phase powder painting in Sall’s orange standard colour. This painting process provides a durable and stable colour as well as a great resistance against corrosion, rust and weather. –  Any other colour you like on request.
  • Galvanized steel structure as standard for nestable steel spill pallets. The nestable design allows storage space and transport costs minimization!
  • Polyethylene spill pallet internal coating is ideal for acids and is available on request for every model. With this you get a liquid containment system with that combines the advantages of a sturdy steel structure with polyethylene acids resistance.
  • Smart leak detection and warning system is available on request so you save time and can intervene immediately in case of emergency.

Use Sall’s steel spill pallets for unmatched safety and efficiency

  • Steel structure’s resistance and durability meet the acid resistance of plastic spill pallets thanks to the internal polyethylene coating so you exploit the main benefits of two different types of spill pallet.
  • Low maintenance and easy cleansing.
  • Easy spill pallet inspection operations.
  • Technical consulting and free consulting from Sall – Justrite Safety Experts.
  • Size and sump containment capacity can be customized according to your specifications.
  • Personalisation of surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized steel or powder painting in any colour you like on request.
  • Stainless steel models and tailor made steel spill pallets available on request.

How to choose the steel spill pallet? Easy step by step guide.

  1. What type of liquid should the metal spill pallet contain?

    For flammable liquids and water pollutants, steel spill pallets are recommended.

     or galvanized steel models are in fact fireproof and therefore are always the best choice in case of flammable substances such as paint and oil.For acids and corrosive liquids, we recommend steel spill containment pallets with anti-acid interior coating (polypropylene or polyethylene), polyethylene or stainless steel spill pallets.
    Note: using a steel spill pallet with plastic and acid-proof interior coating is the most durable and resistant containment solution for acids and corrosive liquids.
    Stainless steel and polyethylene spill pallets are available on request.
  2. Can steel spill pallets accommodate different sizes and types of containers?

    Depending on the type of recipient, of substance and number of drums, IBC, tanks as well as other containers for liquids to be stored, the sump capacity in litres will vary as a consequence.
    For this Sall offer complete lines of steel spill containment pallets specific for drums, barrels and IBC.
    Each line is composed of all the necessary versions that are regularly used in every industrial sector
    and can be customised per dimensions and capacity for special necessities according to customer specifications.
  3. Do steel spill pallets comply with relevant European and UK regulations?

    Sall branded spill containment pallets are built and designed for European and International norms compliance.
    We recommend to take advantage of the Sall’s technical free consulting service so that you get all the technical information, go through the locally applicable norms for your Country and sector and get for free the best quotation for the steel spill pallet you need.

For very specific and strict locally applicable regulations as well as for specific customer’s requirements Sall manufacture tailor made steel spill containment pallets.
Do not miss out the customization service! Save your time, get now the perfect match for your needs and the best quotation.

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