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Container a temperatura controllata per stoccaggio

Temperature-controlled storage containers, also known as temperature-controlled thermal chambers, are highly technological storage solutions that manage to maintain a constant internal temperature.

Sall thermal containers represent the ideal storage solutions (for medium to high volume capacity) of hazardous chemicals, materials and products that must necessarily be stored at a precise and constant temperature in order to maintain their characteristics and properties and to avoid potential dangers, such as undesirable reactions in case of temperature variations.

Sall production process, certified UNI EN ISO 9001 together with Certifications EN 1090, UNI EN 3834:2-2021 for the quality of sealing and welding, REI Certifications for the storage of flammable substances represent a guarantee of the quality and the highest level of safety for Sall products.

The UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021 Certification (currently in force) is fundamental for storage containers with spill pallet as it minimizes the dangers of accidental spills for the hazardous liquids contained in drums, IBCs or any other primary containers. For corrosive liquids and acid control, Sall offers a special internal coating for the anti- corrosive plastic material of spill pallet (PVC, PP or PE).

Sall temperature-controlled containers, provided with both internal refrigeration and internal heating systems, are made of a durable and resistant steel structure, certified and traceable, coated with mineral wool panels for optimal thermal insulation. Standard models are supplied with built-in spill pallets that can be removen on request, depending on the type of product/ material they will contain.

All models are manufactured according to current mandatory regulations and current standards both National and European.

Available systems for all Sall temperrature-controlled storage containers

All models of the Container Line with temperature control systems can be equipped, as required, with the most modern ATEX or Standard Systems;

  • ATEX or Standard forced ventilation
  • ATEX or Standard cooling system
  • ATEX or standard lighting
  • ATEX or Standard air conditioning system
  • ATEX or Standard fire protection system
  • Temperature control system

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