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Sall Products - Top quality and Efficiency

Since 1975 Sall has been producing the best environmental solutions and industrial supplies for the safety storage and handling of products, goods, waste material and polluting, flammable or dangerous substances.

Sall branded equipment and products are characterized by a unique design, carefully tested to maximize efficiency and operational safety.
All Sall solutions are made of a sturdy steel structure built to last with a high capacity and a certified quality.

Choose nothing less then excellence for industrial and environmental safety.



Download the complete Sall Catalogue with all the industrial solutions you may need to maximize operations efficiency as well as workplace and environmental safety.

Prodotti Sall - Linee complete per stoccaggio e mo


Top quality products fully customizable, built to last.
Discover Sall product lines and how these will optimize efficiency, safety, storage and material handling.

container di stoccaggio su 2 piani per fusti e IBC con vasca di sicurezza per il contenimento di liquidi pericolosi, inquinanti e infiammabili.


Sall standard products can be customised per dimensions, capacity, colours and much more.
This Justrite service include free technical consulting to provide you the best solution.

Let’s find out how how Sall can make you say: that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Prodotti su misura Sall Justrite Italia S.r.l.


When it comes to tailor made solutions Sall is the first choice of many companies around the world.
Sall can easily manufacture the solutions you need in compliance with local and international regulations.
Save your time, prevent costly fines and minimize people and environmental risks.

Part of Justrite Safety Group family

50 years of experience in the production of industrial equipment for the handling and storage of materials, products and hazardous substances that ensure the highest level of efficiency and safety for people and the environment.

Sall is in fact the brand of Justrite Safety Group chosen by companies around the world for all materials handling, industrial storage and environmental protection solutions.
The continuous collaboration with the other brands of the Group is a continuous source of innovation for Sall thanks to the interdisciplinarity and the sharing of the know-how of Justrite experts from all over the world.
Every solution for the industry is in fact developed in the R&D department of Justrite Italia, by the close collaboration of highly specialized engineers with Justrite security experts.
To ensure the best performance and the highest level of operational safety Justrite certifies quality according to strict international production standards (such as welding and sealing quality according to UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021), certifies products (for example REI certifications for all classes of fire resistance, StawaR, CE), and performs tests to ensure maximum efficiency and safety of each product.

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What makes Sall the ideal partner

Ricerca e sviluppo Sall


Knowing every specific industrial sector’s risks the safety and engineering departments of Justrite Safety Group provide you the most innovative and effective solutions.
Discover how Justrite can create the best safety ecosystem around your business!

Certificazioni di sistema e prodotto Sall - Justrite Italia S.r.l.


Certified production and products coupled with strict quality tests according to international standards.
Contact us for certifications, as international specialized manufacturer we will provide you the specific product certifications.

Consulenza tecnica gratuita per la sicurezza aziendale e ambientale Sall


Take advantage of the free risks analysis, technical consulting and much more.
Discover all the services available for you!

Justrite, experts anywhere and anytime at your side.

Environmental safety is one of our greatest responsibility

Protecting the environment is the main purpose of Sall – Justrite Italia, which is reflected both in sustainable production and in the conduct of its employees and collaborators. It is not just a choice, it is a duty for us and for the sake of future generations.

Tutela ambientale e filosofia Green Sall

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Tel.: +39 0522 941430

Customer Service: info@sall.it

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