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Metal stillages and cages

Sall – Metal stillages manufacturer since 1975

Sall offer a wide range of metal stillages and cages so that you can easily find the best solution for safe industrial handling and warehouse storage of production waste, semi-finished products, materials, goods and components that would otherwise be difficult to transport and to identify once stored.
The Sall highly specialized stillage manufacture allows Justrite to offer the most complete lines of metal cages and stillages and to cover all industrial most requested dimensions and load capacity.

Bespoke stillages and standard metal cages

Surf the standard lines and you will see that Sall easily cover all the types of metal stillages you may need.
The offer cover both metal cages with sheet metal and mesh sides with all door opening and base variations.
All the standard models are stackable, can be handled safely with forklift truck and provide also the maximum safety level during manual operations thanks to its anti-cut design.
Thanks to these advantages they are often exploited also as tool boxes in the construction sector as well as for wood or goods truck transport.
Standard metal stillages can also be customized and accessorised according to customer preferences and can be painted in the desired color on request.
For specific requirements and needs, the engineering Sall department manufactures bespoke stillages according to customer requests and to match specific needs and regulation of the industrial sector in which the customer operates.
Speaking of bespoke stillages, Sall is also an appreciated manufacturer of stainless steel stillages for the food sector or made of galvanized steel for the storage of flammable materials.

Accessories for Sall metal stillages and cages:

  • Card holder
  • Removable or hinged lid
  • Frame with wheels for manual handling
  • Internal dividers made of sheet metal to organize the content

Why choosing Sall metal stillages and cages

  • Extremely resistant steel structure with high load capacity (from 400 Kg to 2000 Kg – according to the model).
    Sall manufacture also custom-made metal stillages or higher capacities.
  • Traceable steel and certified quality.
  • Stackable design (1+3) for optimization and rationalization of storage spaces.
  • Welding quality certified UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021.
  • Testing to ensure maximum safety during metal stillages transport with forklift.
  • Anti-cut design to minimize the risk of accidents during manual operations of storage and removal from containers.
  • Multi-step painting process that creates a protective film with an unparalleled thickness that wraps around the container making it ultra-resistant to rust, corrosion and weathering.
  • Customization of color and accessories, such as interior partitions, on request.
  • Metal cages and stillages can be made of galvanized steel and stainless steel on request.

How to chose the metal stillage that best meets your needs

  • Wire steel cages and collapsible metal stillages are the best choice for bulky products and materials that need to be stored temporarily and as shop displays.
    The SR194 model made of steel wire for example is often used both as an in-store display and as a warehouse container thanks to its 800 kg load capacity.
  • Heavy-duty sheet metal containers are metal cages typically used in warehouses, workshops and in the construction industry to transport and store metal materials, equipment, finished and semi-finished products characterized by small dimensions and considerable weight. For example, in the construction sector, of all used metal containers, they are the most suitable for transporting by truck and moving large volumes of waste, waste, dust bags, cement, heavy equipment and rubble thanks to easy and stable handling with forklift.
  • Mesh steel stillages for industrial use are particularly exploited in the food, pharmaceutical and textile sectors thanks to the advantage of allowing an immediate inspection of the stored goods even when placed on shelves in stock or superimposed. Also suitable for all large materials.
  • Chute metal stillages  are widely used in workshops and warehouses for all those materials and equipment that must be used and stored neatly with a certain frequency and without risk to operators.
  • Tipping skips and drop bottom opening skips are instead necessary for the safe transport with forklift and for all the loading and unloading operations of waste, scraps, industrial waste safety thanks to the Sall accidental anti-tipping and automatic unloading systems. Request a quote and a free technical advice for the model that best suits your needs.
    These metal containers are all CE marked, can be fully customised and equipped with accessories that make them the best choice for any waste and industrial material.

Sall complete lines of metal stillages:

Models of each Line are also available in the following versions:

  • Long side skids
  • Short side skids
  • Boxed feet
  • Long/short side sheet metal or mesh openable doors
  • Guillotine door

Sall metal stillages are supplied with data sheet and user manual.

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