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Vasche di contenimento transitabili in pvc

Drive over spill containment berms

Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® are flexible, portable and universal spill containment berms made of a modified PVC-coated fabric. This unique material makes these berms the most resistant and suitable for a broad range of chemicals, including petroleum, oils, grease, and most acids.

Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® are made in one piece, thus no assembly is required and feature an ergonomic design to provide unobstructed side-to-side floor space for vehicle tires, foot traffic, and cleaning operations.
To fix the walls in a vertical position, simply pull the berm’s walls upwards while to unlock them and allow vehicles to pass over the berm from any angle, simply push the walls from the outside to the inside.
Sidewalls lower quickly for easy drive-in and out. Portable design folds down flat easily and only inward for storage and transport.
This type spill containment berms offers in fact the maximum protection against leaks and spills both of large flows and for spills and dripping of minor amounts of dangerous and polluting liquids in all emergency situations as well as being the best containment system during operations on vehicles carrying liquids, such as tank trucks.

Vasche di raccolta pieghevoli e transitabili in PVC per uso esterno
Art. n. External Dimensions
H x W x L (mm)
Internal Dimensions
H x W x L (mm)
Folded Tank
H x W x L (mm)
Weight (Kg) Capacity (L)
28512305 x 1422 x 2032305 x 1219 x 1829127 x 610 x 6109,1662
28516305 x 2032 x 2642305 x 1829 x 2438305 x 610 x 61013,61344
28519305 x 3251 x 3251305 x 3048 x 3048305 x 711 x 71122,22820
28524305 x 3861 x 5080305 x 3658 x 4877406 x 660 x 66035,85432
28526305 x 3861 x 6299305 x 3658 x 6096406 x 762 x 76243,16795
28527 305 x 3840 x 15340 305 x 3700 x 15200600 x 840 x 84010216977


BC materials are the only ones made with a special modified PVC polymer that guarantees unique performance on the market for:

  • Resistance to acids, oils, fuels, hydrocarbons, petroleum derivatives
  • Material stability even in extreme weather conditions and temperatures
  • Resistance to cuts, abrasions, and breakage
  • UV resistance


  • Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® provides compliant secondary containment.
  • Standard sizes offering capacities ranging from 662- to 16’977 liters.
  • Quick and easy installation in minutes, no assembly needed!
  • Lightness, strength and durability
  • Ideal for containing chemicals, oils, hydrocarbons, acids, corrosive liquids, methane
  • Passable also with heavy vehicles (up to 5000 Kg)
    Just close the flexible folding walls to allow the transit of trucks and military vehicles without risking damage to the containment tank. – Contact Justrite Italia experts or fill in the form below to choose the perfect BC material for your needs.
  • One solution for any type of primary liquid container
    They are ideal for the secondary containment of tanks 1000 liters, drums of any capacity, tanks and other containers of liquids as well as being also suitable for operations on materials that could, due to their nature, give rise to spillages.
  • Extreme versatility of use
    They can be effectively used not only as secondary containment systems but also to create emergency decontamination stations for personnel, using them as a base for portable showers, or for truck-based operationstank in order to protect the environment and the water table from possible spillages of dangerous liquids.
  • Foldable for easy portability and convenience allowing an immediate response in case of accidental spills
  • Reliable, 100% watertight
  • Excellent resistance to puncture and abrasion
    Alternative of 5 different materials, depending on the type of use from light to heav
  • Ideal for vehicles, heavy equipment, generators, pumps, air compressors, air cushion and storage tanks.
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Only folding piece that does not need assembly and is easy to transport
  • Integrated and patented wall support system that guarantees an obstacle-free working area.
  • Side walls easy to close to allow vehicles to pass on the tank from any side and angle.
  • Modified PVC allows maximum flexibility and resistance to many chemicals including oil, grease and most acids.
  • Reinforced CriticalCorner™ has an exclusive design that prevents leakage in diagonal points welded with radiofrequency (RF) and significantly increases the life of the folding and flexible containment tank.
  • 25 mm edging of the upper edge of the walls to further strengthen the spill pallets.
  • Supports equipped with Rigid-Lock base with hole for possible ground fixing.
  • Handles for transporting the folded container.


  • Accessory for draining rainwater and trapping oils in the universal folding collection spill sump.
    This patented drain kit allows to drain water from the tank while trapping hydrocarbon based fuels and oils:

    • Eliminates the need to manually drain the pvc collection tank after a storm.
    • Works 24/7 for continuous, unmonitored and automatic drainage when the tank reaches maximum containment volume.
    • Automatically shuts off in the case of a major hydrocarbon release.
    • Low maintenance required when used with a reusable pre-filter to catch debris, silt, dirt, paper, limbs, etc.
  • Geomebrane liners to be placed under the tanks to create a smooth and uniform surface.
  • Berm Repair Kits Berm repair kit  is ideal for small to medium tears and contains everything needed to re-seal the berm in the event of a tear. The kit includes a heat gun to ensures tears are sealed seamlessly and without leaks.

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