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The heart of every great brand is its history

It is Sall History that shapes its values, culture and people

The history of Sall begins in 1975 with our first factory in the green countryside of Reggio Emilia where our artisans realized hand-made special parts and, on request, metal containers for industry. The growing success of metal stillages and our attention to environmental protection led us spontaneously to conceive and design our first branded lines of spill pallets for people and environmental safety that takes shape in the 80s and will then see a success without which continues to this day.

In 1989, the great demand for containers for internal storage and material handling, together with the demand for solutions for the containment of dangerous liquids led us to move to our historic former headquarters. Here we start to produce on a large scale our most renowned and beloved products and create complete lines specific to every industrial need.

Product innovation and design have always been the strong points of our reality and so in 1995 our complete range of tipper containers was born (We anticipate that important news are coming for this line! – Customizations extremely versatile and 100% custom coloring for our customers, thanks to a painting plant of the latest generation, and much more that, we are sure, will amaze you).

The continuous increase of the demand for our lines led us in 2003 to invest further and to dedicate one of our branch, highly specialized, exclusively of the production of our lines of containers. This strategic choice has allowed us to complete the product range.

Storia di Sall anni 1975 1989
Storia di Sall anni 1995 2003
Storia di Sall anni 2005 2017
Storia di Sall anni 2021 2022
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In fact, since 2005, we have been creating in our historic factory in Cavriago a line dedicated to external storage for large volumes of dangerous, polluting and flammable substances.
This special line has seen the Engineering and R&D departments employed with accurate analysis, numerous structural tests and finally tests on prototypes made specifically to ensure the most efficient and safe solutions on the market. We are talking about the birth of our complete line of storage containers that in the following years will be completed with lines of thermal chambers, temperature-controlled storage buildings and fire-resistant containers certified REI 120 by RINA.

The success of each new line we have launched has motivated us even more in creating more innovative solutions and expanding our offer that today covers all the needs for industrial logistics always with the plus of environmental protection, industrial and people safety.
The exponential and constant growth together with our great attention to safety and our reputation as experts has pointed us out by Justrite Safety Group, a leading American multinational in the field of industrial safety, which sees excellence as its standard.
Vision, passion and innovation are common cornerstones that could only lead us to work together to ensure all our valued customers the highest levels of safety and quality on the world market. From 2017, Sall becomes the flagship brand of JSG for the containment of hazardous materials and for solutions dedicated to logistics safely.

What had always distinguished Sall – Justrite Italia? People.
Looking at our past we have to give credit to all our employees with their passion, hunger for beauty combined with effectiveness, iron will to always improve, contribute every day to our growth and to our partners who have always demanded only the best.
We would like to conclude with a quote from Steve Jobs that is the motto of our Engineering Department, as it perfectly expresses how we conceive our products: “ Design is not just what is looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”.

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