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Safe and convenient storage and handling of compressed gas cylinders.

Gas Cylinder Pallets and Trolleys

Sall’s gas cylinder pallets are built to ensure the safe and easy storage and transportation of compressed gas cylinders. All pallets can be safely moved using either a forklift or a crane.
The lifting and transportation with a crane are possible thanks to the two specially designed and tested eyelets.

The cylinder pallets of this line feature a sturdy hot-dip galvanized steel structure and they come with a fastening bracket and a safety device to prevent accidental cylinder falls during transportation, ensuring maximum safety. A cylinder fall can in fact represents a severe risks to personnel’s health due to the explosive nature of gas cylinders.
These metal pallets for safe gas cylinders storage and transport are available in three standard versions, capable of storing and transporting 4, 8, or 12 cylinders with a diameter of ø 230 mm.

Pallet per il trasporto e lo stoccaggio di 4 bombole di gas

Hot dip Galvanised Steel Gas Cylinder Pallet for 4 Gas Cylinders

Model: PBO04Z

Art. N°:PBO 04Z
Dimensioni L x P x H (mm):860 x 650 x 1115
Ideale per n° bombole:4 bombole con diametro di 230 mm
Materiale:Acciaio zincato a caldo
Movimentabile con:Carrello elevatore e gru
Pallet per il trasporto e lo stoccaggio di 4 bombole di gas

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Gas Cylinder Pallet for 8 Gas Cylinders

Model: PBO08Z

Art. N°:PBO 08Z
Dimensioni L x P x H (mm):860 x 1170 x 1115
Ideale per n° bombole:8 bombole con diametro di 230 mm
Materiale:Acciaio zincato a caldo
Movimentabile con:Carrello elevatore e gru
Cestello portabombole per il trasporto e lo stoccaggio di 12 bombole di gas

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Gas Cylinder Pallet for 12 Gas Cylinders

Model: PBO12Z

Art. N°:PBO 12Z
Dimensioni L x P x H (mm):1030 x 805 x 1225
Ideale per n° bombole:12 bombole con diametro di 230 mm
Materiale:Acciaio zincato a caldo
Movimentabile con:Carrello elevatore e gru
Carrello per 1 bombola di gas in acciaio

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Gas Cylinder Trolley for 1 Cylinder with 200mm Diameter

Model: CABO12RZ

Art. N°:CABO 12 RZ
Dimensioni L x P x H (mm):490 x 460 x 1260
Ideale per n° bombole:1 bombola con diametro di 200 mm
Materiale:Acciaio zincato a caldo
Carrello portabombole per 2 bombole di gas compressi

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Gas Cylinder Trolley for 2 Compressed Gas Cylinders

Model: CABO23RZ

Art. N°:CABO 23 RZ
Dimensioni L x P x H (mm):780 x 770 x 1290
Ideale per n° bombole:2 bombole con diametro di 200 mm
Materiale:Acciaio zincato a caldo

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    Deposito per bombole di gas compressi dal design modulare con porte battenti. Modello PBO 35 CBZ in acciaio zincato e verniciato blu.

    Are you equipped for proper gas cylinder storage?

    Sall’s deposits and cages for gas cylinders are designed to provide reliable and compliant solutions, ensuring not only proper and organized storage but also easy and safe access to gas cylinders.

    Choose from a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet your specific needs and discover advanced safety features and all the customization options available.
    Sall helps you avoid mistakes and prevent dangerous incidents caused by improper handling of gas cylinders.

    Discover the advantages of using our gas cylinder pallets!

    Sall branded gas cylinders pallets are 2in1 products ideal for both cylinders storage and handling and are essential tools to improve efficiency and ensure workplace safety.

    1. Safe handling of compressed gas cylinders – These pallets are specifically designed and tested to allow safe handling of gas cylinders.
      They come with special fastening systems and automatic locking devices that prevent accidental opening of the steel bar, ensuring both cylinders are kept in vertical position and operational safety during lifting and transportation. This reduces the risk of accidents, protecting both personnel and the environment.
    2. Versatility – Gas cylinder pallets are designed for storing cylinders and to be used with forklifts and cranes, allowing smooth handling in industrial environments. Sall also designs and manufactures also custom gas cylinder pallets capable of accommodating different cylinder sizes and types.
    3. Efficient storage – Besides handling, cylinder pallets are also ideal for storage. They enable you to organize gas cylinders in an orderly and safe manner, even inside storage units, thus optimizing storage space and providing additional protection. Using gas cylinder pallets within appropriate storage units not only improves storage efficiency but also simplifies the process of accessing and retrieving cylinders when needed.
    4. Safety in sensitive environments – Gas cylinder pallets are made of hot-dip galvanized steel for optimal resistance to corrosion and fire, minimizing the risk of incidents related to gas cylinders. Furthermore, their structure void gas saturation.
    5. Compliance with current regulations – All these pallets for gas cylinders are designed, tested and built to comply with safety regulations and current regulations. For non-EU Countries or specific regulations in certain regions, Sall also produces custom-made gas cylinder pallets to comply with local laws.

    Regulations and Guideline applicable to Gas Cylinder Pallets: Everything You Need to Know.

    It is essential to be aware of the regulations and guidelines necessary to ensure the safe and compliant gas cylinders storage and transport.

    Below you can take a look at the main regulations and guidelines you should know:

    1. Safety regulations – Safety regulations, such as for example the Ministerial Decree 11 April 2011 for Italy, and technical standards, establish specific technical requirements for the design, manufacturing and use of gas cylinder pallets. These regulations are essential to ensure worker safety and prevent accidents during lifting, transportation, and storage of gas cylinders.
    2. INAIL guidelines – INAIL (Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) has issued guidelines that provide specific indications for the correct use of gas cylinder pallets. These guidelines cover various aspects, such as proper cylinder fastening on pallets, correct positioning during transportation, and safe handling.
    3. Fire safety regulations – Fire safety regulations apply because gas cylinders can cause explosions and fires, thus requiring specific precautions. For example, it might be necessary to maintain certain distances between incompatible gas cylinders (such as empty and full cylinders as well as in case of cylinders containing combustible gas that should not be moved or stored together with oxidizing gas cylinders).
    4. Training and Instruction – In addition to specific regulations, providing adequate training to workers using gas cylinder pallets is essential. Comprehensive training on proper handling, transportation, securing, and storage of gas cylinders can significantly reduce workplace accidents.

    European Legislation:

    1. EN Standards: these standards (European harmonized standards) establish the technical requirements for pallets for gas cylinders. For instance, EN 12195-1 pertains to load restraint equipment, which may include pallets, while EN 13155 relates to lifting accessories, including gas cylinder pallets.
    2. Directive 2006/42/EC: this directive concerns machine safety. It sets essential safety requirements for lifting equipment, including pallets for gas cylinders, to be compliant and placed on the European Union market.
    3. The regulation CE No. 765/2008 sets requirements for accreditation and market surveillance for products marketed in the EU. According to this regulation, pallets for gas cylinders must comply with harmonized standards to ensure safety requirements are met.

    Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other laws, regulations, and directives specifically applicable to cylinder pallets in Italy, Europe, and non-EU countries.

    Remember that regulations and guidelines may vary depending on your Country or Region. It is important to consult specific laws and regulations in your country and obtain updated information from competent authorities or qualified professionals in the field to ensure legal compliance and safety when using gas cylinder pallets.

    Sall offers free technical consulting service; explain your needs, and our technicians will contact you with all the necessary information.

    Conclusion: adhering to regulations and applicable guidelines is crucial to ensuring the safe use of gas cylinder pallets. Familiarizing yourself with safety regulations, following applicable guidelines, and implementing proper fire precautions will help you protect workers and workplace. Ensure you provide your operators appropriate training and instruction and take advantage of Sall free training for the safe use of gas cylinder pallets and compressed gas cylinder compliant storage. This training is valid and can be combined with mandatory safety training hours.

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