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Tailor-made solutions for industrial storage and material handling

Sall is the Justrite brand specialized in the design and production of safe and norms compliant solutions for hazardous substances.
We refer to hazardous substances as mixtures and materials (in solid, liquid or gaseous form) which have liable characteristics to pose a potential danger to the health and safety of people, of workplace contexts and the Environment.
Correct storage and management of these substances, in accordance with the applicable mandatory laws, is essential for the prevention of typical risks concerning these substances.
The ever-changing regulatory framework includes more and more hazard cases and hazardous substances, as well as laws, National and International regulations and often make it difficult to understand the measures that need to be taken for prevention and risk management: partly because of the unclear terminology and industrial sectors to which the laws apply.
The Sall Engineering Department and Safety Experts create tailor-made solutions for the storage of hazardous substances in compliance with the regulatory framework and paying particular attention to the type and characteristics of hazardous substances, so that each risk factor is managed properly .

Personalized safety solutions for material storage and handling:

  • Storage containers for hazardous substances contained in barrels, tanks, IBC and other containers.
  • Storage containers and cabinets for corrosives and acids.
  • Fire-rated storage containers and cabinets for all fire resistance classes.
  • Temperature controlled storage: both cooling and heating thermal chambers.
  • Modular storage containers for every hazmat material.
  • Safety cabinets for both indoor and outdoor storage of chemicals and hazardous substances.
  • Walk-in storage units highly appreciated also as working area and station for substance management or storage, from 1 up to 4 storage levels.
  • Bunded flooring.
  • Gas cylinder pallet cages and deposits.
  • Spill pallets manufactured according to customer’s specification and local laws.
  • Spill pallets with specific coating treatment for acids and corrosive substances.
  • Safety equipment for handling dangerous and polluting substances.

Sall, excellence in manufacturing safety custom solutions

  • Free technical and safety advice on-site.
  • Sturdy and extremely durable structures made of certified and traceable steel.
  • Insulated structures.
  • ATEX systems for flammables and explosives.
  • Temperature control systems – ATEX or standard.
  • ATEX or standard forced ventilation systems.
  • EI certified or standard doors, available both in sliding and hinged versions, provided with anti intrusion safety lock.
  • Design and construction are validated and certified by REI  independent certification body for all fire resistance classes.
  • Welding and water-tightness compliant to UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021.
  • Certified production system
  • Engineering departments cooperation with Justrite safety experts to ensure compliance and maximum safety level.
  • Verification of compliance with current mandatory regulations according to the sector of the Customer, Country, as well as the type and quantity of hazardous substances to be stored and handled.
  • Data sheets, certifications and instructions for every custom storage solution.
  • Turn-key solutions and on-site installation.
  • Custom accessories.



Fires and explosions: flammables and oxidizing substances release toxic gases that can cause fires, explosions, secondary reactions and can pose a serious threat on the Environment

Environmental pollution: liquids and pollutants such as oils, paints, pesticides, chemicals (to name a few) can cause a serious Environmental damage when not managed and stored properly. For example, in the event of failure or rupture of the primary containers of such substances (e.g. accidental spills), it is mandatory to take the necessary preventive measures to stop soil pollution and groundwater.

Toxic vapour poisoning: gas production of certain dangerous substances poses at serious risk the people’s health. Such gases can form either spontaneously of following a chemical reaction (e.g the toxic gas generated by the reaction of bleach combined with ammonia). For the safety of your personnel it is therefore necessary to separately storage substances that are not compatible, providing also a correct system of forced ventilation for specific cases.

Skin burning: Acids and corrosive substances can pose a danger to people if they are dispersed in the environment, stored without utilizing adequate ventilation or not properly managed in general. The same gases emitted by certain acids, if inhaled, can burn the respiratory system as well as your eyes and membranes and thus lead to dramatic health consequences. In case of spills these corrosive liquids can cause severe skin burns.
To prevent these situations, it is therefore necessary to adopt safe storage solutions (Safety spill pallets for acids, ventilation systems adapted to the stored volume capacity) and to install safety showers and emergency eye washes.

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