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Portable spill berm for emergency situations
The flexible on-the go spill containment you need for emergency!

Portable spill containment berms

Discover the unrivaled flexibility and portability of Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite, the game-changing flexible and portable spill containment berms that are specifically designed for immediate emergency use.

These one single piece portable bunds are made of the special modified PVC – BCI 1 material, so that Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite offers a unique blend of durability and convenience. The lightweight nature of these flexible bunds allows for effortless transportation, and their unique design enables easy folding down to a compact size. This means you can easily store them in trucks, vehicles, or spill kits, minimizing the storage space and ensuring they are immediately available whenever you need.

Folding and Portable Spill Containment Berm, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite – Technical data

Quickberm Lite - instructions to use portable spill berms
Art. n. Exterior dimensions
W x H x L (mm)
Interior dimensions
W x H x L (mm)
Folded dimensions
W x H x L (mm)
Net weight (Kg)Capacity (L)
283701422 x 203 x 14221219 x 203 x 1219406 x 127 x 3055.0299
283721422 x 203 x 20321219 x 203 x 1829406 x 152 x 3566.4451
283741422 x 203 x 26421219 x 203 x 2438406 x 152 x 3568.2602
283762642 x 203 x 26422438 x 203 x 2438406 x 305 x 35611.81204

Why are Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite the superior safety choice for emergency situations?

  • Truck accidents can cause tank rupture or failure so that containing fuels and liquids becomes a top priority.
    Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite guarantees the safe and leak-proof containment solution.
  • Firefighters rely on these flexible berms to quickly contain hazardous chemicals, providing vital protection during critical situations.
  • Decontamination by fire fighters and workers as they come into contact with dangerous substances and time is of the essence.
    Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite can in fact significantly speed up immediate self-cleaning operations, thus ensuring rapid response, minimizing health risks and people harm.
  • Chemicals temporary storage anytime you need to relocate small containers or drums carrying hazardous and polluting liquids between facilities.
    These portable berms allows indeed to prevent dripping and leaks during these operations, thus protecting people and environment.
  • Damaged saddle tanks. In the unfortunate event of saddle tank damage, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite acts as a reliable barrier, preventing spills and environmental contamination.
  • Hydraulic leaks and breaks. This portable spill containment system allows to prevent costly damages that could occur as secondary consequence.
  • Battery and transformer storage can lead to dangerous liquids spills. Prevent accidents and protect both workplace and people by using these reliable and sturdy portable berms any time you need.
  • Refueling overfills can be prevented by simply deploying Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® Lite.

Why you should use these portable spill containment berms?

  • Lightweight, foldable and robust.
  • Effortlessly swift setup thanks to the cutting-edge, one-piece design.
  • Impeccably engineered to prevent any leaks, ensuring a flawless 100% spill capture system for saddle tanks, hydraulic lines, pipes, batteries, machinery, and drums.
  • Best emergency spill containment solution for most chemicals, oils, hydrocarbons, acids, corrosive liquids, methane, kerosene.
  • Ideal to be used also in windy conditions thanks to optional anchors.
  • Good resistance against UV rays and chemicals, guaranteeing long-lasting durability thanks to the special BCI geomembrane liner.
  • Unparalleled strength and structural integrity thanks to the patented Rigid-Lock walls, reinforced by stainless steel braces securely locking at a perfect 90° angle.
  • Good tensile and tear strength.
  • Extreme versatility of use
    They can be effectively used not only as secondary containment systems but also to create emergency decontamination stations – by using them as a base for portable showers and with the optional grate.
  • Easy to clean and reuse.
  • Best solution to minimize storage space.
  • Ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors.

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    Portable spill containment berm in use

    Smart accessories you cannot miss out!

    • Grates to minimize contact with contaminated liquids by personnel or equipment.
    Optional grate for portable spill berms

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    drive over spill berm Rigid Lock in use with truck.

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