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Sall's drum trolleys are bunded dollies designed and tested for the safe transport of chemicals and for spills related dangers prevention

Bunded Drum Trolleys and Dollies

Sall bunded drum trolleys provide the safest and most efficient solution for transporting 200 litres drums and smaller chemical containers.
Their heavy-duty and easy to manouvre steel structure makes these bunded dollies ideal for manually transport barrels containing hazardous, polluting and flammable liquids.
Acids also can be safely contained in case of drum rupture, failure as well as in case of accidental leaks thanks to the internal polyethylene sump coating (available on request).
Hazardous and toxic substances, such as paints, solvents, and oils just to cite few, can potentially leak from drums during regular transportation operations and thus can pose a severe risk to both workplace and environmental safety.
Sall manufactures steel bunded drum dollies that are also watertight  tested and quality certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021. These strict quality tests are run indeed with penetrating liquids so that the liquid containment is guaranteed for the maximum safety level.
Sall steel bunded trolleys have a sump capacity in liters that adheres to EU regulations for environmental protection, workplace safety and groundwater protection.
The steel structure features an appropriately sized handleand two fixed front wheels combined with two rear swivel wheels with brakes, allowing for easy movement within your facility and temporary drum safe storage.
As said these drum trolleys are suitable for any dangerous, polluting or flammable liquid and can be supplied with an internal lining of polyethylene or polypropylene for acids and corrosive liquids upon request.
For personnel safety during inspection and cleaning, the certified and traceable steel used in production undergoes a special anti-cut treatment, and the galvanized self-supporting and heavy-load steel grid is easily removable.

Sall’s bunded drum trolleys are available in standard versions of painted steel or galvanized steel. Upon request, they can also be made in stainless steel or over-painted galvanized steel.
All standard models comply with the StawaR directive, and for very specific and strict locally applicable regulations as well as for non-European Countries spefic norms, specific models are created to comply with the local laws in force.

Steel bunded drum trolleys and dollies

Carrello porta fusti con vasca di raccolta in acciaio verniciato

Standard colours: Orange, Blue, Green, Grey, Light-blue

Painted steel bunded drum trolleys for 1 or 2 drums x 200 L

Art. Nr.ECO 309 CR ECO 310 CR

External Dimensions:
L x W x H (mm)
Capacity (L):206214
Load Capacity (kg):233460
Number of 200 L Drums:12
Material: :SteelSteel
Surface Treatment: Multi-stage powder coating - color painting service available upon requestMulti-stage powder coating - color painting service available upon request
Carrello porta fusti in acciaio zincato con vasca di raccolta

Galvanized steel bunded drum dollies for 1 or 2 drums x 200 L

Art. Nr.ECO 309 CRZ ECO 310 CRZ
External Dimensions:
L x W x H (mm)
Capacity (L):206214
Load Capacity (kg):233460
Number of 200 L Drums:12
Material:Steel Steel
Surface Treatment:Multi-stage powder coating - color painting service available upon requestMulti-stage powder coating - color painting service available upon request

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    Why you should use Sall bunded drum dollies?

    • Maximum operator safety during manual operations thanks to the anti-cut design.
    • Great practicality and convenience in handling operations.
    • Minimization of environmental risks due to the watertight and quality welding tests according to UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021 to guarantee the best liquid containment performance.
    • Exceptional rust and corrosion resistance thanks to the high-quality powder coating applied in multiple stages, creating an ultra-resistant and thick protective film – for painted models.
    • Maximum weather and corrosion resistance thanks to high-quality galvanization – for galvanized models.
    • StawaR directive compliance.
    • Steel strength and durability coupled with acid resistance of polyethylene drum dollies, thanks to the inner coating of the sump in PE or PP for acids, available on request for all models.


    How to choose the bunded drum trolley you need? Read this Quick guide!

    Once you know the type of liquid container to be manually transported and thus you know the container liter capacity, it is important to choose based on the typo of liquids.

    Here you can immediately understand which kind of liquids is suitable to contain each bunded trolley type:

    • Galvanized steel bunded drum dolly are ideal for hazardous, flammables, polluting liquids such as for example oils, paints, fuels, etc.
      These models can be also overpainted in the colour you like on request.
    • Epoxy powder painted steel bunded trolleys are ideal for most chemicals, flammables, polluting liquids.Both galvanized steel and powder painted drum bunded trolleys can thus be used for any dangerous and polluting liquids.
      For safe acids and corrosive liquids containment the steel spill containment trolleys must be equipped with internal polyethylene or polypropylene coating. PE and PP sump interior coating is done on request.
    • Stainless steel bunded drum dollies are the best choice for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries thanks to the stainless steel hygienic properties and they are suitable for most chemicals, polluting, flammables, acids and corrosive liquids. Stainless steel bunded trolleys are designed and manufactured on request as per customer specifications.


    Accessories for Sall’s bunded drum trolleys

    • Polyethylene or polypropylene sump interior coating.
    • Safety ratchet strap to secure drums.
    • Horizontal drum storage supports available in painted steel or galvanized steel.


    Sall’s bunded drum trolleys standard certifications and tests

    All models undergo rigorous quality tests according to the strictest international standards and are StawaR certified. For maximum safety and quality, the sump watertight is guaranteed and tested according to UNI EN ISO 3834:2-2021.

    Sall’s quality department run strict tests on each steel bunded dolly in compliance with the following international standards:

    • UNI EN ISO 9712:2022 – Non-destructive testing – Qualification and certification of personnel for non-destructive testing.
    • UNI EN ISO 3452-1:2021 – Non-destructive testing – Testing with penetrating liquids – Part 1: General principles.
    • UNI EN 13018:2016 – Non-destructive testing – Visual testing – General principles.
    • UNI EN ISO 23277:2015 – welding non-destructive testing – Welding testing using penetrating liquids – Acceptance levels.
    • UNI EN ISO 5817:2014 – Welding – Fusion welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium, and their alloys – Quality levels of Imperfections.

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